We have been making efforts to meet the needs of customers since our company was established in 1959.Therefore, we conduct sheet metal processing, can manufacturing, machining and technical improvement.Today we get a deep trust from customers by meeting their varied requests including labor saving machines originally designed and manufactured by us.

Company name Yamada manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Office location 2-41 Shindennaka-machi
Daito-Shi, Osaka JAPAN
MAil info@yamada-ss.co.jp
Tel +81 72-871-0095
Founded in April, 1959
Established in July, 1969
Capital 10 million yen
Executives President Shigeru Yamada
Senior managing director Masayuki Yamada
Chairman Eiji Yamada
Chairman Eiji Yamada
Number of Employees 14 as Janury, 2015